Green Tea Recipes

If you are a tea lover, you definitely know how to differentiate a delicious green tea recipe from that of the unfavorable one. And also, you may have been familiar with the truth that green tea is not only devoted as a drink but is likewise incorporated into cooking recipes. The great thing that you can vouch for is that the green tea recipes do not call for any special ingredient. They are simply too uncomplicated to prepare.

Therefore, how are the green tea recipes made? When you want a brewed tea, use the bottled spring water that is basically fresh. The tap water bears chemicals that can disrupt the natural taste of the brewed tea. Also, the various kinds of tea need the employment of different water temperature.

When using green tea bags, be certain to add a little quantity of steaming water and then swirl it to warm up the teapot. Use at least two or four tea bags and add ¼ cup of the boiling water. Cover it for around 2 to 3 minutes.

On the other hand, the loose tea leaves may either be steamed or brewed for about 5 minutes.

Moreover, the brew green tea recipe is always used as the sauce, the dry leaves as the seasoning, and the leaves as the vegetables. Green tea recipes are always mouth-watering, so to speak.

Not only are the green tea recipes popular in China and Japan but also in other Asian countries and the markets of Europe and North America.

The Law of Attraction: Taking a Step Backward to Move Forward

The law of attraction states that you will attract into your life what you project out into the world via your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. The sum of all 3 is what determines what you bring into your life.

The law of attraction and the power of thought are hot topics these days. With Oprah doing not one but two shows on the movie, The Secret, these topics are as mainstream as they can get right now.

Unfortunately, many are only learning what I call the Hollywood version of the law of attraction. The Hollywood version is primarily concerned with your thoughts matching your desires. It downplays the need for your emotions and actions to be in sync as well.

If you are not getting the results you want in life, then you most likely are out of step in one of these 3 areas. Your thoughts, your feelings, your actions or a combination of the three are not in alignment with what you want. And sometimes, in order to get back in harmony, you need to take a step backward to move forward again.

An Example.

About 3 years ago, my wife had our first child. Up until this point, neither my wife nor I had any life insurance. We didn’t need any. But now, if I died, Stephanie would be left to raise our child without my income to support them. This was not a pleasant scenario and according to the Hollywood law of attraction I should completely avoid thinking about it. But I couldn’t do it. At odd moments, my conscience would whisper, “What if something happens to you? What shape will your family be in?” And along with those thoughts, feelings of doubt, worry, and guilt would wash over me.

Life is pretty busy with a new baby, so it was fairly easy to turn my thoughts away from my untimely demise and toward something else. But those feelings of worry remained. And because emotions are as important as thoughts when it comes to the real law of attraction, I eventually realized this was not an acceptable situation. I came to the conclusion that I needed to take a step backward.

So I focused my thoughts fully on what I didn’t want – dying young and leaving my family in dire straits. Dale Carnegie in his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living calls this the worst case scenario. By visualizing the worst case scenario and accepting it fully, the doubt, worry, and fears that often cloud ones ability to think and act are lifted. Once you can think clearly, it is fairly easy to think of ways you can improve on the worst-case results.

In this example, once I fully faced the possibility of my dying young, it was fairly easy to decide to get a medical check up and to buy adequate life insurance. And because now my thinking wasn’t clouded by doubt and worry, I realized that seeing the doctor and buying life insurance were actually in harmony with what I wanted in life. I wanted to be a good provider for my family, and these actions were in-sync with that desire, not opposed to it as the Hollywood version of the Law of Attraction might suggest.

I also realized that by taking a step backward and focusing fully on the problem in the short term, I was able to find a proper solution. And with solution in hand, I was able to direct my thoughts, emotions, and actions toward the life of my dreams in a way I wasn’t capable of before.

Mirena IUD

I had my first IUD inserted about 6 years ago. A Dr. in training put it in and it was very painful. After a week or two I was having major stomach pains and Mirena cramping. I went to see my family Dr. who told me my IUD was gone that it had fallen out. So I made an appointment to see my Gyno and had to wait about a month to get in. During this time I had awful pains that would come and go. I couldn’t exercise and sex was out of the question. Anyways they found out that my IUD had gone MIA and had perferated. It was floating in my abdomine. So I had surgery for them to take it out. After I healed I had my Dr. put in a new IUD. I know I must be crazy right? Well there is risk with any kind of meds or surgery. So that IUD didn’t hurt a bit on insertion and I have lived happily with no problems and no period for the last five years. I have had no weight gain, moodiness, headaches or other side effects that aren’t from my own doing. So that IUD was just removed last week and a new one put in. Insertion hurt, and I’ve been having headaches, cramps and other pains since. Here we go again. I hope not!! I’ll let you know.

How to Get Tall – My Story

Hey guys, Josyhua here,

Thought I’d share my *uncensored* growing taller story with you:

The ups, the downs, all the stuff I tried – what didn’t work and finally the one how to get taller program that did…

My story of when I first wanted to get tall starts back in Middle School…

I was really short, about as far away from a basketball player as you could get, none of the girls liked me and generally I just felt like crap. It was horrible. Even my friends called me every name in the book. I figured that my height was the problem and so I set out to get the tallest shoes I could find.

But that was a stupid idea, I wasn’t into shopping and going to the mall for hours a day to ‘measure shoes’ was a pain in the ass. I hate malls. Tried it and hated it. Instead I wanted something that was attainable, real looking and natural. I didn’t want to be a giant here…

So, I decided I wanted to get tall. Nothing crazy. I wanted to be a few inches taller. I was 5′4″ at the time. I spent many years searching for how to get tall and failed with pretty much every program.

Those double insoles sucked, what happens when I take my shows off? Maybe she wouldn’t notice? – Yeah right! And I didn’t have the money to buy those fancy Hollywood elevator shoes. God were they ugly.

I tried some lifts and insoles too. Yeah I know, BAD idea, guilty as charged. Anyway, once again no lasting results.  I still felt short. A quick note to anyone considering trying them: Don’t. They’re awful, gave me foot pain and they’re just generally bad for your posture. Anything unnatural is usually really bad for you.

I tried extreme “get tall” fashion too. And believe it or not, vertical stripes and tight jeans do work… kind of. You see, one of the worst things preventing guys from getting tall (or looking tall) is fashion. No matter how short you are (I looked like a mini me) you probably still can look shorter if you’re wearing the wrong clothes. Anyway, so the extreme fashion tricks do help to you to appear taller. Or maybe it’s less short. Am I the only one who tried to make my clothes help make me look taller?

But the shopping was too much for me. I can’t go to the same crappy stores every week, not only to get ideas in the first place but in order to find the best ‘deals on get tall ‘clothes you’d have to keep doing looking.

Anyway, I gave my “get tall” up for a few years, convinced that it was just a dream. Until one day after searching on facebook I was talking to this guy I went to school with,  and I started asking how he got tall…

I mean, last time I saw him he and I were the same height. Long story short (no pun intended) and a 1 hour chat later he told me about this get tall program on the internet.

It’s called growing taller 4 idiots (dumb name, I know)  so I figured I may as well check it out and man am I glad I did. It didn’t work quite as well as it was advertised on the site but within just weeks I could see the faint hint of growing taller… And I’d hardly changed anything about my life.

Six weeks later and I was an inch and a half taller.

Maybe will get even taller in the coming months.

So if you’re looking for a way to get tall, then I recommend you too check out the Growing Taller 4 Idiots program. I mean, it worked wonders for me.

Make sure to check out my other posts on how to get tall while you’re here, including the 3 tips one below!

Back to the gym!

Good afternoon! Had a great time at the game yesterday, even though they lost.

It felt great taking a day off from the gym, my back even feels better!  Looks
like I will be tackling my shoulders today.  Gotta do some serious abs as well,
I had a major cheat day last night and opted for some chinese food….mmmm!
There is so much sodium in that crap, but I didn’t feel like cooking and I wanted
something quick and yummy…

On another note I started making my videos for!  Yeah!!!
My first videos ever! So you can see me in action, posing, flexing, and whatever
creative things I come up with!  I’m really excited about this!  I hope you will go
check them out!

Gotta go get ready for the gym, have a great day!

Which Essential Oils for Children Should You Have

There are two herbs / essential oils for children that you should have in your house.

Chamomile is an herb that has a calming effect and provides relaxation and even promotes sleepiness in children (and parents too).

Chamomile has been used for centuries and may be used in tea form, massage oil, or even in a bath given before bedtime.

When using herbs, or essential oils, it ‘s wise to be aware of possible skin sensitivities. Chamomile is one of the safest and gentlest herbs and has been used with infants as a natural remedy.
Lavender is another of the herbs / essential oils that promote calmness in children.

Massages using lavender oil helps with sleepiness. A single drop of Lavender or Camomile mixed well with a few teaspoons of almond soya or other bland oil, or to a cup of full milk (not skimmed) and added to the bath will help ease minor discomforts and aid in restful sleep.

A drop of Lavender on the pillowcase or pajamas will also aid in a good nights sleep.

When coughs and colds loom I have used eucalyptus on the pillow to help with breathing at night. Used oil burners or sprayed the bedroom with blends of Thyme, Frankincense and Eucalyptus.

For chesty coughs I have frequently made up a massage mix of 10ml of almond oil (or some other thicker base oil), 2 drops of Benzoin, 1 drop of Roman Chamomile and 1 drop of Frankincense. Normally any chesty coughs that have been present have virtually disappeared overnight, and breathing has become normalized, though I do continue for a couple more days, giving a massage on the chest and back both in the morning and at bedtime.

When you plan to add Lavender and Chamomile, or any essential oil, to a base oil for a massage, or add it to your child’s bath, it is recommended that you perform a sensitivity test on your child, at least 14 hours before using it. Place ? to a single drop behind your child’s neck, at the hairline, and check for any skin reactions. If after fourteen hours your child is fine, it is safe to assume that your child doesn’t have any allergies to either Chamomile or Lavender and you may continue to use the oils as planned.

Remember to always read the labels on all essential oils that you purchase and heed their safety warnings. If you want to use an herb in edible form, it is safest to purchase the herb already packaged then using essential oils for edible purposes with children. When you are new to Aromatherapy, it is better to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to your precious little ones.

Besides lavender and, chamomile, rose, benzoin and mandarin are good oils that can be used safely with your children.

As always though, if you have any questions as to the use of essential oils, be sure consult a knowledgeable source, such as a qualified aromatherapist.

Is This Why I Hurt So Much

“Michelle, a 36-year-old court reporter, described stiffness and pain involving her neck and entire back following a motor vehicle accident two years before. The pain in her neck was first thought to be whiplash, but she went on to develop severe aching and stiffness over her entire back. Poor sleep left her exhausted, and she described her hands and feet as “swelling” although no one else, including her physician, could see it. Her work suffered. She found it difficult to concentrate and lean forward over her stenography machine for prolonged periods. Although always tired, she could not sleep at night because her mind was “racing.” She had been to several doctors and began to believe that she was a hypochondriac. Frustrated, she sought narcotics from various doctors, but these pain relievers offered only temporary relief.”

Do I have Arthritis?

“Arthritis in its most basic sense simply means ‘joint inflammation’… While it is easy to recognize arthritis, many people do not realize that modern medicine has identified over 100 different types of arthritis.” (1)

What is Fibromyalgia?

“Alternative names for fibromyalgia include fibrositis and fibromyositis. The term stands for ‘inflammation of fibrous connective tissue,’ though there is no true inflammation seen in biopsy specimens under the microscope. Connective tissue is supporting tissue of the body, including ligaments, tendons, and muscles. To the unfortunate victim of fibromyalgia, it feels as if these soft tissues are inflamed.” (1)

“Rhuematism? That’s what it used to be called, but today it is known as fibromyalgia.” (3)

Muscle Pain and Weakness

“Pain is the primary symptom of fibromyalgia. The pain usually starts in one area, such as the neck or lower back, but spreads over time. Most commonly people with fibromyalgia complain of widespread pain and achiness, similar to the symptoms associated with a bad bout of the flu. Sometimes the pain is described as gnawing or burning.” (2)

“Fibromyalgia is a syndrome of chronic, recurring, diffuse aching and stiffness, especially of the whole back and neck. It is a very common condition, accounting for as many as one in every ten patients visiting medical clinics … Its onset may be either abrupt or gradual. Patients with fibromyalgia develop tenderness in certain distinct soft tissue areas – so-called “trigger points” that, when touched, tend to transmit pain to different parts of the body. The muscles, while not developing spasm as such, are taut. The joints, the hands, the feet feel swollen, even though swelling cannot be seen by others.” (1)

Fibromyalgia and Fatigue

“In fibromyalgia, there is no development of joint destruction, no crippling or deformity. There is, however, significant fatigue, depression, and nervousness. Fibromyalgia may be primary (meaning that it can occur alone) or it may be secondary to another condition that causes pain or disrupts sleep … Fibromyalgia is closely associated with poor quality, unrefreshing sleep–what is also described as non-restorative sleep. Patients with the disease wake up in the morning more exhausted than when they went to bed. This feeling of extreme fatigue does not ease up in a matter of minutes as normally happens; it may persist for hours. Any poor sleep may precipitate fibromyalgia; on the other hand, the disease itself may lead to poor sleep. Since most patients with fibromyalgia have a poor sleep pattern, it is difficult to know which came first, the disease or the sleeping problem. In one sense, it doesn’t matter. As the saying goes, whether the stone hit the jug or the jug hit the stone, it’s pretty hard on the jug, and the patient suffering from fibro-myalgia often enters a vicious cycle of poor sleep, fatigue, and pain.” (1)

How Fibromyalgia is Commonly Treated

Without knowing exactly what causes Fibromyalgia, practically all physicians currently attempt to simply mask patients’ symptoms of the disease with powerful drugs, as their only alternative:

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs are among the most commonly diagnosed treatment for fibromyalgia. This treatment has side effects that include “Cortisone Derivatives: POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS: fluid retention, potassium loss, muscle weakness, thinning of the bone with breaking of the bones, ulcers in the stomach and duodenum, pancreas inflammation, thinned fragile skin, ‘black and blue’ marks on skin, diabetes, poor wound healing, face redness, glaucoma, excess sweating, cataracts, decreased growth in children.” (1)

Equally disturbing is that for many, the common, prescribed drugs often do not work very well. All of this information may sound discouraging, however, it needn’t be.

The good news is this: Many Fibromyalgia and other arthritis-like PAIN sufferers are discovering Dramatic RELIEF from a new, entirely non-drug approach: Pycnogenol !

The Impossible Astronaut

So it airs tomorrow here in the UK. That means that between 18:00 and 18:45 on Saturday, 23rd April we’ll be tweeting like maniacs.

It looks like it’s going to be pretty special too, with the first location filming for Doctor Who since City Of Death back in 1979! We’ll gloss over the Canadian shot TV movie…

So what do we know – or think we know – about The Impossible Astronaut so far then?
Season 6 – The gang’s all here.

Season 6 – The gang’s all here.

Well lets see…

The Silence feature
A lead character will die within the first 10 minutes
We find out that River Song is from Earth
The Silence might be related to the Cybermen
The Stetson wearing Doctor in the trailer is from the future
It’s a two-parter

So we don’t know much then really. Oh well, our opinion will be posted here shortly .

Bannakaffalatta, Cyborg And Proud!

Featured in the 2007 Christmas special Voyage Of The Damned, Bannakaffalatta is a four foot tall alien from the planet Sto. He looks like this.

What an astonishing design, huh? No, no it’s not is it.

Aside from the obviously shit design and name, Bannakaffalatta is also responsible for some of the most cringingly obvious dialogue ever witnessed in Doctor Who history.

This squeaky voiced, crimson, conker faced prick, managed, with the help of Russell T Davies’ usual appalling dialogue, to equate cyborg rights to those of gay people.

That’s right Bannakaffalatta was ashamed that he was a cyborg. So ashamed that Astrid Peth (Kylie Minogue in a career defining low) had to sit beside him, as he died, stroking his spiky bonce telling him that there was nothing to be ashamed about.

You see, as it turns out being a cyborg was widely accepted in the universe and that, and get this, cyborgs could even marry now!

Talk about laying it on thick.

The end of Bannakaffalatta came about a few seconds after he first revealed himself to be a cyborg by unleashing a huge blast of energy from his chest. I would ask though, since when has being a bit on the robotic side meant that you can zap fuck off dirty bolts of electricity from your chest?

I suppose Russell would say that’s the beauty of sci-fi, it lets you write badly and get away with it do whatever you want free of constraint. I’d say it was just plain shit.